Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is your chance to learn from MY mistakes‏

By now, you know I wrote the book Buck Naked; The Straight Dope on Trophy Whitetails. What you may not know is that this isn’t my first rodeo. When I first started hunting I failed miserably. So miserably, in fact, that I could n’t hunt my way out of a turnstyle without a compass.

Why? Because I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have an expert to guide me, to take me by the hand and prevent me from making many mistakes.

This is YOUR chance to get that expert guidance. Use it, starting now, to start hunting the RIGHT way, the FIRST time.

Get your copy of "Buck Naked; The Straight Dope on Trophy Whitetails" here

This book takes my 4 decades’ worth of experience and expertise and distills it into power-packed lessons. It’s designed to give you the practical ideas, strategies and techniques I’ve learned over the past 4 decades – the very same ones I used to harvest dozens of trophy class bucks on public land.

In the book you learn:

1) Speed Scouting Techniques
2) Deer Psychology
3) The Magic Formula to Success
4) The Trophy Hunters Mindset
5) Your Most Valuable Asset (it may not be what you think it is)
6)The Very Worst Use of Your Time (this may surprise you – are you wasting yours?)

And MUCH more.You don’t HAVE to learn to hunt the HARD way – I’ve already done it, and I’m inviting you to skip the costly “lessons” and lay down the foundation for an ultra-successful hunting right now.

Learn more about "Hunting Success Made Simple" here.

Here’s to your success in hunting, starting now,

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