Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are You a Buck Magnet or Cactus?

Are you a buck magnet or a cactus?
It is an interesting proposition isn't it? Attracting deer to us might be what we think would be the best possible solution, right? After all, magnets attract things with an undeniable force. We have all heard of people who were alleged to be "deer magnets". You know the fellows who seem to have whitetail blood in their veins or who have deer following them as if they were the "Pied Piper".
Are there hunters who by some magical force attract deer to them?
The answer is "No".
Deer are not attracted to humans in any way, shape or form. These so called "deer magnets" are simply less offensive (less like a cactus) to the deer than other hunters. These are the hunters who are diligent in their efforts to remain undetected.
Unfortunately, most of us are "deer cacti". We plunge though season after season with little regard to how abhorrent the deer find us. We place our stands where we want them. We pay little attention to wind direction and then only when it is convenient. At best, our personal hygiene and keeping our clothing scent free is a hit or miss. Why? Because, instead of making every effort to remain undetectable, we are lazy and expect the deer to simply not notice us.
Speaking of magnets....there are locations that are true deer magnets. Corn, alfalfa, beet or bean fields near thick cover are bonafide deer magnets. We need to seek places that offer preferred feed and/or security. Areas that attract and hold deer are considered to be magnets or "sticky". Deer will stick to these remote, low contact areas as if they were glued. Locating habitat with little or no hunting pressure is a must if you are after a mature buck.
The ability of these magnetic patches to house deer can change throughout the season. Crops can be harvested and cover can become over hunted. Like anything else, if there is nothing to hold the deer there, they eventually move on to the next magnetic area of their choice.
People are deer "cacti" and big bucks go to great extremes to avoid human contact. In the hunting world, fortuitous happenings occur only when we are undetected. We need to create a situation where the miraculous can happen.
Hunters who appear to be "deer magnets" are, generally speaking, obsessive compulsive in their approach to hunting whitetail deer. They hunt with the wind and place their stands high. They bath and wash their hunting cloths in UV/scent free detergent before each hunt. They use ample amounts of scent killer. They wear dull or camouflage clothing and keep their faces hidden. They continuously put in the extra effort needed to place trophy deer in front of them.
But it's locations that are the true deer magnets. If hunters are using the wind, remaining clean, being quiet , and are still not seeing deer, then odds are that they hunting in the wrong spot. Hmmm....I guess I might spend my time elsewhere if I were them.
No amount of hope or prayer can make a buck appear. The buck has to already be there. This is the single thread that deer hunter "magnets" have in common, they hunt where the deer want to be. They don’t hunt areas that are simply convenient.
Whether you are like a magnet or a cactus is up to you.
Magnets are sticky.
If you are taking advantage of every opportunity to remain undetected and are hunting in locations favored by big bucks, then you too are "sticky"!
Good Luck and Good Hunting,
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