Sunday, January 10, 2010

Introduction to Hunting on Public Lands

Yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking, not a Blog on deer hunting. Hopefully this Blog will be different. The original subtitle to this Blog was, " Trophy Hunting without the Bull Shit". (I left the word shit out completely for fear it might offend some uppity reader). I have read almost everything that has ever been written on hunting trophy whitetails over the past 40 years and quite frankly I have gotten little out of it except for a headache. It seems that most books on the subject are heavily padded with useless scientific data and a lot of wishful mumbo jumbo.
When I was younger I had read so many books about deer behavior that I thought I knew exactly what the deer was going to do next in any situation. Unfortunately, the deer had not read the same books. If trophy hunting is as complicated as some how – to books make it, it would be virtually impossible for any hunter to kill a trophy buck. This Blog is dedicated to the working man (weekend warrior). The man who does not own hunting land. The man with limited time and funds, who is forced to hunt on public lands.

I hope that you will join me me as I uncover the truth about trophy hunting and what it takes to achieve consistent success. We will be discussing in detail the mind set of the hunter, buck psychology, and tactics that really work. We will be revealing the truths and shattering the myths about trophy hunting. We will explain what trophy hunting is, why you fall short of your expectations, and how you can avoid the mental lapses that prevent you from consistently harvesting HUGE BUCKS. The secrets to consistent success will surprise, even astonish you.
If an average "Joe" ,like me, can achieve consistent success, you can too. If your goal is to harvest trophy class Bucks on a regular basis, read this Blog. You will learn the secrets and the habits that will allow you to harvest the BUCK OF A LIFETIME-this year and every year.