Thursday, August 2, 2012

If You Want a Guarantee Buy a Toaster

If you want to guarantee by a toaster. If you want to achieve a higher rate of success in hunting trophy whitetails buy the book; Buck Naked.

Time and again I‘m asked by readers if they follow my advice are they guaranteed to kill a big buck? Sadly, the answer is no. No one can guarantee or predict success in the field. However, I can promise you that the advice in Buck Naked is sound and will put you on the road to higher levels of success.

Let’s put it this way, But Naked sells for $10.78 on both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. There‘s over 45 years of successful hunting advice contained within the covers of the book. That’s less than $0.25 a year.

The vast majority of my hunting has been on public land and in most cases in areas of extremely low whitetails density. Most of the areas I hunt have fewer than five deer per square mile. Now $0.25 a year to learn from someone who has been successful at hunting trophy deer on public land is a bargain. I should’ve charged twice as much for the book, but I wanted this this advice to be available and affordable by everyone.

Good Luck and Good Hunting,

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