Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reverse Scent Control

Here’s a tactic that is so deadly on big bucks, that I hate to share it with you. I call it, “ Reverse Scent Control”.

I first came across this idea immediately after I used Limburger cheese to change the deer’s travel pattern and entice them to travel underneath my stand. Whitetail deer are extremely adaptable and it wasn’t four days later when the deer had become accustomed to the stink of the Limburger and were back to their old travel patterns and my stand was once again useless.

I knew where there was one hell of a deer highway through the heavy timber. I saw big bucks every day from my stand. The problem was with scent control. It seems no matter how careful I was the bucks were picking up faint traces of my scent and leaving the area before I could get a shot. I reasoned if the deer could become accustomed to the scent of Limburger cheese in only four days maybe I could get them accustomed to small amounts of my residual odor.

This stand location was only 20 min. away from my work at the lumber mill. Every day for a month prior to hunting season I would jump in my pickup, drive the 20 min., jog to the base of the tree which held my stand, and return to work before my lunch hour was over. It worked like a charm and I successfully harvested over half a dozen trophy bucks out of that stand over the years. Of course, I took extreme caution to keep my hunting clothes and boots clean. I entered the stand atleast two hours before I expected any deer movement, but I never had to resort to using cover scents.

*A word of caution: this tactic only works in locations you can visit on a daily basis. If you think you can visit your stand once a week or even every other day and produce enough residual scent for the deer to become accustomed to you, you are sadly mistaken. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to hunt on your own “back 40" this can be an extremely effective tactic.

*Please note: I spread my residual odor around the stand during the middle of the day when the deer are least active. It does little good to try to spread residual odor when the deer can see you. All you will be doing is educating them to the fact the residual odor comes from a man and they will more likely leave the area altogether or only come through after dark.

Good Luck and Good Hunting,

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