Monday, June 18, 2012

The Three Most Important Qualities

The Three Most Important Qualities a Hunter Can Possess

1. An understanding of one's self (self-mastery)

2. An understanding of the nature of deer

3. An understanding of how to carry out a real investigation

We will manage the hunt by first mastering ourselves. There’s a world of difference between mastery and control. The average hunter will attempt to establish his self-importance by controlling his environment. The more experienced hunter may actually have more difficulty practicing proper scouting techniques than a relative novice. He may think he’s seen it all and thus will miss subtle but essential changes in a deer’s behavior. Thinking we "know it all" is the kiss of death in hunting. We must lose our ego and look at everything with fresh eyes. That’s where the novice has it over the seasoned veteran.

I believe the three most important qualities and abilities a hunter can possess are:

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  1. So True and so easily forgotten by self importance which we all forget. This is actually a Character ability which must be consciously practiced to become a Professional and Proficient Hunter.