Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting into Rhythum

In trying to control our world, we tend to exclude ourselves
from nature. Of course, humanity exists only as part of nature.
Too often, hunters try to take charge of something that is not his
or hers to take charge of. Success in the field is often determined
by a hunter’s ability to lose his or her ego, and get in step with
natural rhythms.

All of nature is like a web. It is impossible to touch one
part without the vibration being felt elsewhere. A man walking
through the forest creates a great disturbance. I always feel two
sizes too big for my skin whenever I move through the woods.

Most of the deer will be aware of the hunter’s presence and
scurry off long before he sees them. What deer a human does
see are usually bounding off with tails flagging. Getting into
rhythm is a matter of letting go.

Good Luck and Good Hunting,
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