Monday, June 25, 2012

The Stink Buck

The bucks, for their part, secrete their own strong hormones to help induce the females to ovulate. Researchers have long understood the effects of male odors on hormone levels in females, and have found that the length and timing of the menstrual cycles are markedly influenced by odors produced by males. This is why big bucks will always enter the field upwind of the doe herd. Not only does this promote estrous, but also the buck can visually detect even the slightest sign of sexual arousal his scent might be causing in the doe.

An effective hunting tactic during the rut is to place your stand seventy-five to one hundred yards upwind of the does’ feeding area. This should put you right on top of the buck. Deer are on much more attuned to the subtle language of scent than humans are. Five inches of a deer’s nose is devoted to smell, while less than one inch of a human’s nose is capable of smelling anything. Scent is how deer speak to each other. Misunderstandings are impossible when no words are spoken. Jim

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