Thursday, August 29, 2013

SHH! A Little Known Secret About Attracting Monster Bucks

Apple Creek Whitetails Photo
I want to share with you a little known secret on attracting Big Bucks.


If you really want to put your buck into a tizzy, try making a mock scrape. Dig up the dirt from a scrape in a different location and place it in the scrape you’re hunting over. Be sure to use scent-free gear and a shovel. Dig down about six inches and transport the dirt in a clean plastic bag. Empty this dirt into your hunting scrape and your buck will perceive this as an intrusion by another buck. He’ll begin refreshing this scrape in earnest. This is most effective in the pre-rut, before the bucks are on the does.

Learn more about scrape hunting

Realizing why scrapes are made, and how deer use them to communicate with each other will help boost your hunting to a higher level.


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