Saturday, January 19, 2013

Be a Doctor of Hunting


Photo courtesy of Apple Creek Whitetails
Did you know top hunters see themselves as "Doctors of Hunting?" They see themselves as professionals, acting not only in their interest, but also with a concern for the health of the deer herd.
The medical process is the same everywhere. Whenever you go to any doctor, of any kind, for any condition, he will follow the three part sequence of examination, diagnosis and prescription.
Just as a medical professional would never think of treating you without following these three steps in order, you as a doctor of hunting, should never enter a hunting situation without going through these three stages as well.
Stage One
The first stage is examination. In the examination phase, you observe and ask excellent questions, to give you a thorough knowledge of the hunting situation.
Stage Two
The second phase is of diagnosis. In the diagnosis phase you review the results of your examination and double check to be sure that the symptoms that you had detected were the real symptoms. You ask additional questions to confirm your examination.
Stage Three
This is the prescription phase, where you determine the best solution (tactic) for the hunting situation you have diagnosed. Finally you implement your prescribed action.
Hunters who hunt in the way that doctors treat patients find that their hunting activities proceed far more smoothly and result in better hunts in less time.
Good Luck and Good Hunting,

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