Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scouting is Lifeblood

Photo courtesy Apple Creek Whitetails

A brief summary. Scouting is lifeblood. If you are overly reliant on any one location or method for your hunting…. If you have an insufficient or unsteady method for scouting good bucks….if you lack a well-organized, complete system for understanding, implementing, or following up on your scouting…
….you are on very thin ice.
I’ve been at this for about 45 years. About as long as many reading this have been walking the earth. Four and a half decades. I am – today, this moment – well respected and sought out for hunting advice across the nation. My reach has been and is broad and deep. In all these years, I have never once seen a hunter achieve consistent success without proper scouting.

Learn the fast track method for scouting here

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