Friday, October 12, 2012

Zen and Whitetails


Awareness is to experience moments of just being without our minds getting in the way. The idea is to see, hear and smell what is going on without focusing on anything. The deep woods are the whitetails home and school, where the mysteries of life are played out season after season. We are aliens in this foreign land. It is important for us not to view nature in our image, but rather to see nature as it is. Awareness is vital.


A hunter only needs look at the results from his last season to see what his intentions truly were. When intent is clear and focused, the proper tactic will always appear. He does NOT have to know what to do or the tactic. He DOES have to have a clear and intense intent. Intention always comes before the tactic and true intention and commitment will always produce the proper tactic.


A hunter with moxie can solve problems as they arise. He has the know-how and can be creative in any situation. He is at home in the forest and is a craftsman at his art.


Gumption is nothing exotic, just basic common sense. A hunter with gumption has the resourcefulness and courage to face the task. He will stick to it to the end, no matter what the cost.

All of these qualities are desirable traits in any endeavor and are essential to successful hunting. A hunter with these traits cannot be beat. He will not be denied and sooner or later the buck is going to fall.

Awareness+Intention+Moxie+Gumption = Results

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