Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Venison Sundae

A Venison Sundae? Meat and ice cream? Yuck!

These days most people approach hunting like a kid with a $10 bill in an ice cream shop. Hunters are scrambling around trying to buy more products – more sprinkles and cherries. The dream is simple, if they can just add enough junk the hunt will take care of itself. Instead of developing a good solid foundation of skills, they expect to be able to buy success in the field.

The hunting industry is literally flooded with new products each year.

Televised hunting shows have created a whole new marketplace for hunting products. There are more different types of camouflage, deer calls, scents, decoys, and bows than a hunter could use in a lifetime. Each item screams, “ Buy me and you’ll be guaranteed to kill the biggest buck of your life.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. While each of these products can improve your hunting to some degree, none of them can replace the consistent success achieved through a good knowledge of woods lore and deer behavior.

Hunters don’t fail because these new products don’t work, hunters fail because these products only work when used in conjunction with good hunting skills.

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What we have created is nothing short of a Venison Sundae. We have taken two perfectly good items (hunting skills and instant success) mix them together and have come up with something that is messy and ineffective.

There hasn’t been a hunting enhancement product invented that can replace a good foundation of woodsmanship. At least not yet!

I’m not saying don’t buy into this new technology. Heck, I own at least one of everything. What I’m saying is don’t build you hunt around a product. Instead, base your hunt upon a solid foundation of knowledge and tactics. If one of these products can enhance your hunt, great! If not, you’ll still be way ahead of the game.

Only with a good foundation of hunting skills can you align your hunting to take advantage of these new products.

The new hunting products – the whipped cream and cherries – aren’t magical. The magic occurs when we use these products to become better hunters.

Good Luck and Good Hunting,

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