Sunday, September 23, 2012

Your Assistance Is Requested

I want to thank all of you for helping to make my book Buck Naked; The Straight Dope on Trophy Whitetails and this blog a tremendous success. The response has been overwhelming. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of people reading my blog every time it is posted.

The numbers are way above my expectations and I am thrilled with the feedback I have received from loyal readers. I will have some exciting news to announce about the book Buck Naked; The Straight Dope on Trophy Whitetails in the coming weeks.

Until then, I could use your suggestions on topics to write about in my blog. So far, I’ve been picking topics that interest me, writing about them, and hoping they will interest you. My friend, Jeff Walker, suggested that I ask my readers for their input. I agree with Jeff, this blog isn’t for me, but rather it’s for my readers.

If you could sit down with me for half an hour and asked me any question about hunting what would that question be? Now's your chance.

Simply hit reply to this e-mail and type in a couple of questions or topics that interest you. The plan is to take the 10 most asked questions and use them as subject matter for future blogs. This is your opportunity to help determine the direction and scope of the information I publish.

I read every e-mail I receive and respond to as many as possible. I am excited to learn the questions that interest my readers the most.

Thank you for your assistance.
Good Luck and Good Hunting,

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  1. Human Dummies . I have used this concept for many years and have had GREAT success with it . Have you tried it ?