Friday, September 21, 2012


                                                Photos courtesy of Apple Creek Whitetals

If you have read my book or have been following this blog, you know I don’t endorse any one particular product over another. A couple of years ago something caught my eye and has really intrigued me. That product is Bag N Tag. I was a little skeptical until I saw the manufacturer was Apple Creek Whitetails.

That’s all the proof I needed to know this is the highest quality scent product on the market. The folks at Apple Creek Whitetails live and breathe whitetail deer 365 days a year. They are on the cutting-edge of whitetail research and product development.

Bag N Tag is the freshest whitetail deer scent available. Bag N Tag scent bags are made the same day they are shipped. A hunter just Pre-Orders the Bag N Tag scent product and selects a delivery date. Days before the requested delivery date, fresh whitetail doe in heat urine is collected and put into a specially designed scent bag and shipped out that very day. It’s 100% natural whitetail doe in heat urine

I really like this products ease of use and effectiveness.

I have used other Doe in Heat urine products for many years with great success. The problem with conventional deer urine has always been the mess and the volume (8 to 12 ounces) of liquid required to attract deer.

Bag N Tag takes care of both of those problems. No bottles, no dispensers, no wicks, and no mess. Simply tear open the pouch and tie the bag to a tree limb. I particularly like the “teabag” design. It provides the maximum urine surface to air contact which allows the hunter to use considerably less urine and achieve dramatic results.

Get Bag N Tag

The next time you’re using a scent lure set, give Bag N Tag a shot. I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the results.

Good luck and Good Hunting,

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