Saturday, September 28, 2013

Buck Analytics for Dummies (Part 4) The Rut

This is where analytics can really help your hunting. I run two separate analysis. One for bucks and another for does.

Food is the major concern for both bucks and does prior to the rutting period. Once the rut starts, the bucks are more interested in sex than in food. However, the does primary interest is still in feeding and that’s where we want to begin.

Focus on primary feeding areas and the travel routes between them and the bedding areas.

I like to transfer my doe map onto clear plastic Mylar. (This map includes: travel routes, feeding areas, bedding areas, etc.) Next I transfer my buck map to Mylar. Lastly, I layer these two clear Mylar maps onto a fresh map.

I’m looking for where the buck and does patterns overlap. To be exact, I’m looking for where their daytime travel routes overlap. When in doubt, I always lean towards where the does are, as the bucks will be following them.

Wind direction is key here. Not only the wind direction at your stand, but also the wind direction as it effects your travel route to the stand.

As always, I’m asked about the timing of the rut.

The answer is simple, the rut will occur the exact same time as it did last year. Which is the exact same time it occurred the year before that and so on.

Using analytics in this way greatly increase your odds of being where the deer want to be before they get there.

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