Sunday, July 28, 2013

How the Zen Approach Can Help You Be a Better Hunter

Apple Creek Whitetails Photo
Even if you're the type who would rather eat worms than meditate, getting a little Zen can improve your hunting:

Don't Get Attached
In Zen-speak, it's called "being attached"—that is, caring so much about harvesting a big buck or an outcome that you're disappointed when you can't have it. Don't get attached to your tactics, because you may change them. Don't get attached to the idea of Getting into Boone & Crockett, because if it doesn't happen you may be too discouraged to keep plugging away.

Simplify, Simplify
Zen practitioners urge people to make do with less. Not only will this simplify your life—it will help your hunting. Go through your equipment and gadgets and throw away all unnecessary items. This will be about 90% of them. Don't buy into the latest complicated, expensive hunting fad, it won’t help.

Be Mindful
Do what you're doing. When you're hunting-hunt-don’t be tthink about your partner, job or what you have to do tomorrow. Being mindful will help you become more productive—and less stressed while you’re hunting..

Happy hunting!

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