Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Buck Naked

Now my book collection on outdoor books are not as big as a professors at some big name college or university in some random English class. I have a cousin that lives with me at the time of me writing this review that graduated from Auburn University with a degree in English. These type of books just do not feed his fancy as I should say. His type of reading is certainly not like the readings that I read or have read in the past. Now I do give him credit for leading me to one great author known as Mitch Albom, whose books I have read have turned out to be amazing.
Buck Naked in my terms is a book that every outdoor man or woman should have in their collection. Jim Collyer the author, was raised in a rural community nestled in the rugged mountains of Idaho. In his acknowledgments of the book he says: Its been said that it takes a community to raise a child, and he is very fortunate to have been raised in this rural community of Idaho. Jim is an expert hunter, writer and speaker and contains over forty-five years of chasing whitetail deer in his life. I certain amount of each proceed of purchasing this book will also go to the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation.
If you are a skeptical type of hunter then one sitting and read of this book will change the way you look at hunting whitetail deer forever. I dont believe there is one hunter out there that isn’t skeptical in some sort of way at least just a little. Even I am skeptical in some degree and may not even know it myself. A common hunter can take this book and just read a few chapters in it and can stand a better chance at harvesting a trophy buck better than he could before he read it. If you are reading this review then you can take a little time read this book. If you cant read and you have someone else reading this review to you then they can read this book to you as well as they are reading this article to you.
I took my time and read this book through the 2012-2013 deer season here in Alabama. I have caught myself on more than one occasion not looking up out of the shooting house window to even see if there were deer standing in my food plots. In this case there probably were a lot of bucks and does that walked this year and will be that much bigger next year for me to harvest. To give you a little spoiler on this book it starts of at the beginning talking about be an investigative hunter and end up talking about good days and bad days of hunting. It will show in to some sense the mistakes you make already and tell you how to fix them to make them better for you as a hunter.
We all want to be better hunters and managers to a degree. And I will leave you with this on the final thoughts of just from me reading this book. I am not the type of person to read a book and a book and then give away my secrets that I have learned but if you will just pick you up a copy and read it for yourself, you will thank me later for telling you to do so. So pick your copy up today and you wont regret that you did. Buy here:Buck Naked

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