Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beware of Zombie Hunters

The walking dead don't just appear weekly on TV but in deer woods everywhere. I see them every hunting season. I’m sitting in a stand and some zombie comes walking through, wind at his back, eyes to the ground, and stinking up the place. It’s just like the zombies on TV (they even dress like them).

This all happens when hunters see the deer as a mirror image of themselves.

The zombie hunter thinks if he just keeps repeating unsuccessful past behaviors long enough and hard enough, success will find him. As a result, he walks around aimlessly and his development time slows and the road to success lengthens.

And what do zombies feed on? Why their own egos of course! Which explains why zombie hunters stumble around hoping the deer will find them.

Don’t be a zombie.

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Good Luck and Good Hunting,


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