Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stop Whining, Crying, and Lying to Yourself

We are halfway through the year. Have you done your scouting? Have you? If you have, you are in the top five per cent of all the hunters in America. If you haven’t scouted yet, you are about average.

There are hunters who harvest trophy class bucks once in a lifetime and others who harvest a trophy buck nearly every year. Why? Does one have more opportunity? Is one smarter? Does one hunt harder?

I often have new hunters tell me their plan is to follow Mr. Superstar Hunter around for a season. Figure out what he is doing and do what he does. It does not take long to figure out what Mr. Superstar Hunter is doing. He is scouting. What a great idea! He gets out in the woods and looks for deer. How has not scouting worked for you in the past?

You can not answer that question and lie to yourself. Be honest with yourself. Make a rule for yourself to do more scouting. Do not let the sun set again without looking for a new spot to hunt this fall. If you are new you must understand the necessity of advanced scouting. It is imperative. Nothing happens until find a big deer.

True or false The main reason I hunt is for a big buck. I can not answer for you but for me the answer is yes. The main reason I hunt is for a big buck.

True or false Is hunting more productive in areas known to hold big deer? If you have not figured this out yet, start doing some research. This is not debatable. It is a fact.

True or false The most important thing to do is to scout. You tell me how many times you have been scouting and I can predict your next seasons results. You need to scout more. This is true.

Stop lying to yourself about how much scouting you have done. The year is half over. Take the number of big bucks you have killed in the last five years, double it. That’s the number of big bucks you can expect in the next five years. Nothing changes until you change. What else are you doing with your time?

Try scouting more and your success will improve dramatically


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